Saturday, March 28, 2020

Welcome to our Port Townsend Rotary Club Blog!

Hello Club members,
This blog site will help us communicate with one another during our coronavirus quarantine...and beyond.  You can share personal experiences and reflections, photos, and information. Please do remember that Rotary is an apolitical organization. “All life is political”, as they say, but we
want to avoid partisan politics.  Also, if you post information/articles, please cite your source.

So, let the blogging begin...
- Carla


  1. As Secretary of the Club, one of my duties is to check the Club's PO Box. Last week we received a thank from Jefferson County Pride for the $1,000 donation to Pride in the Park. Additionally, they will be celebrating the opening of a center for LGBTQ Youth and their Allies. The center will fill the need that The Boiler Room did for many years - to provide a safe place for youth to gather.

  2. finally found the blog site. here are our $10 for this week.

    $6 for happy Bucks $4 for happy bucks. Lisa is making great masks, while slowly recovering from a broken toe. (ouch) Happy Cinco De Mayo

  3. In my envelope this week: $20 for missed Fun Master and $10 for missed Happy Bucks.
    My happy buck this week is that I had a Zoom with 5 friends - a group of women who have been together since 9 years old. Cocktails and chatter! - Carla Caldwell